Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Go Away, Deployment Stress!

Deployment hasn't been so bad, this time around. Yes, I just majorly jinxed myself with that sentence. But since the car already overheated and had to be taken to the shop yesterday, I must be safe for a day or two. Right?  

Maybe deployment seems easier because it's Mr. TF's third and I've finally got my survival system figured out.  Without a doubt, an important lesson I've learned since moving to Japan is this: decide, in advance, what to do when a bad day hits.  Planning in advance mean I will be less likely to drink an entire bottle of wine, put Little TF up for sale on eBay, eat a whole tub of ice cream, or blow the budget on online shopping (JCrew, why is everything you make so awesome?).

Living in Japan doesn't mean deployment strategies are harder to create.  The sheer novelty of everything means that almost any idea can work!  One of my strategies for clearing a Bad Deployment Day out of my head, for example, is a classic: taking a nice, relaxing bath once Little TF is in bed. What makes this idea new and fresh? All the fun, Japanese bath products!

Muji is one of my favorite, Japanese stores.  Aficionados of interior design magazines might recognize the name; the store has a cult following among Americans who crave the Muji aesthetic- clean, modern lines and no labels of any sort. This is the place to go if you want to banish tacky Pantene and Old Spice bottles from your shower. Pour your shampoo and soap into Muji's sleek, clear pump bottles, instead!  Muji also sells adorable kids clothes, sleek kitchenware, makeup, and small household goods.  Best of all, Muji sells my favorite bath salts.  These bath salts are the perfect, inexpensive deployment pick-me-up!  I keep the salts in a clear, Muji bottle next to my bathtub; whenever I need to soak away the stress of the day, a scented bath is ready in minutes.  At only 399 yen for the large packet, this pampering purchase also won't blow any port call budgets!

Also found in Muji's bath aisle are these cute, single-use bath salt packets.  Why not grab a couple of these and toss them in a care package or Christmas box? At only 58 yen per packet, you really almost have to!  My favorite scent is Milk, although Lemon and Lavender are also fantastic.  During cherry blossom season, Muji also offers a Sakura scent!

I have to take the newly repaired car to the airport this evening to pick up my mom and brother.  Let's hope all goes smoothly and that I don't need to employ any stress-relieving strategies when we get back!

Muji has many locations in the Kanagawa/Tokyo area: Yokohama Station's Joinus, the Aeon in Shin-yurigaoka, Lalaport Mall in Yokohama, Tama Plaza in Yokohama, Terrace Mall at Tsujido Station, Aeon Mall in Yamato, and Yokosuka's More-S City.  American shoppers can also visit Muji's website to place an order.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find bath salts at the online store.  So take advantage of your time in Japan.  I'll be stuffing a box full of Milk salts when Pack Out rolls around!

Disclaimer:  I do my best to make sure all my information is accurate.  However, details may change or I may just be flat-out wrong.  Please let me know if something needs a correction.  Thank-you!


  1. Okay, so I have started making a list of things to do in Japan... bath salts, hydrangeas, tiki time... this needs to happen.

    PS... let me know if little TF is ever on eBay :)

  2. I would never wish for you to have bad days OF COURSE, but I agree with Peyton---if that means Little TF is on ebay, we would have a champion bidding war. Major score!!