Saturday, September 22, 2012

Soaking Up The Last Of Summer (Literally)

With the weather cooling down, autumn seems to be just around the corner.  But I'm not letting it fool me!  Last year, things didn't cool down until mid-October.  Even once cold weather finally arrives, I'll still be hot.  I feel like I'm always hot in Japan.  In the summer, everyone sweats their way through trains and buildings. Fall brings a month or two of respite, and then we sweat our way through winter when all the stores' heat starts blasting. I asked my student about this a few months ago.

"Why am I always hot in Japan?  I mean, if trains and department stores turned their AC down a little more in the summer, and then turned their heat down a little more in the winter, wouldn't the costs average out and result in everyone being more comfortable?" -Me

"Perhaps there is too much body heat in Japan." -My student.  

She has a point.  

I relay this little anecdote to explain why the cute, little face paper shop that I stumbled upon in Kamakura this past Thursday, is selling autumn-themed, face-blotting papers even though the weather seems to be cooling down.  These are needed year-round here in Japan!

The signboard outside the shop displayed its new, seasonal prints.  Sadly, the cute print is only on the little paper case- the actual papers are just a solid, matching color.  Many of the papers are made with special compounds to promote healthy skin (green tea, for example), or infused with scents such as lavender or jasmine.  Pick up an autumn-themed set to celebrate the change in season!  

I can't wait for the brilliant, Japanese maple and ginko displays!

This cute little shop is located in Kamakura and accessed via Hase Station on the Enoden line.  Exit the station and walk up the main street, keeping the sea to your back.  Stay on the right side of the street.  Go through the four-way intersection (you'll see the entrance to the Hasekannon shrine down the left spoke of the intersection). The cute, little face paper shop will be on your right, before the next side street.  Pay attention- when I went, there was a large, blue piece of fabric covering one of the windows...I almost missed it!

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