Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Let's Enjoy Festival Food!

Drums boom, voices chant, bells jingle, shrine floats bounce down the streets, and delicious smells waft...everywhere.  When Japanese Festival Time rolls around, it's hard to decide what to get the most excited about; food is definitely a top contender!

(This is less of a definitive festival food list, and more of a photo montage of what we stuffed into our faces last weekend.  My stomach is already craving our next, upcoming festival, this weekend!)

It's a hot, sweaty summer!  Stay well-hydrated during festival time, like this little cutie!
A woman from the neighborhood scraps up the remnants of a batch of
yakisoba- a fried noodle dish and my personal, festival food favorite.
Another neighbor dishes up my yakisoba.  Yum yum! (Side note:  Isn't her outfit fabulous?)
Little TF can't get enough of what this little girl is enjoying...chocolate and sprinkle-covered banana-on-a-stick!
Does anyone in the world celebrate without hot dogs?!
Festival dancers take a brief and refreshing break (my gut instinct tells me they're drinking tea).
Even in Japan, where can the men be found?  At the grill, of course!  Here is the resounding crowd-pleaser: yakitori, or grilled chicken.  Little TF and her daddy had to go back for thirds, as did everyone else at the festival  Beware of long lines for this dish!

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  1. Sooooo... how well do you think yakitori would hold up via FedEx?