Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Rain Boots!

Look what arrived just in time for the rainy season!  For those of us with an Amazon Prime account and an FPO address, buying a cute, rain boot couldn't be easier!  

I purchased a rain boot on Amazon- as opposed to the local, Japanese Mega Mall- because my feet are a solid, American size 8.  As best as I can tell, Japanese womens' shoes usually stop at the equivalent of our size 7.  The few times I have found a shoe long enough (at Gap, for instance), I have gleefully made the purchase, only to get home and once again admit defeat.  Japanese shoes are also too narrow. Tragic.

Realizing that I was practically tossing money out the window, I imposed a personal ban on buying any more ridiculously cute, Japanese shoes (this is still a source of grief). Instead, I now scout out the malls for the Japanese trends, and then head to (free shipping!  And they ship to FPOs!) to buy the American equivalent. Piperlime didn't have any rain boots that I liked, so I checked Amazon (also free shipping with Prime to FPOs!) and found these super-cute Sloggers.  They are a great height for summer, come in fun patterns, and have a little nub on the heel for easy removal.  Sloggers also come in solid colors. The lavender color is especially great.

The rainy season starts in June, so don't be caught unprepared!  

Boots this cute deserved their own blog post, don't you think?

Disclaimer:  I do my best to make sure all my information is accurate.  However, details may change or I may just be flat-out wrong.  Please let me know if something needs a correction.  Thank-you!

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